Can astigmatism be corrected with SMILE, LASIK or PRK?

There is a misconception that astigmatism cannot be corrected with corneal refractive procedures (SMILE, LASIK, or PRK). All these procedures are very good at correcting astigmatism. With the excimer Laser tracking the eye throughout the procedure.
Some limitations:
1) The astigmatism needs to be regular. As apposed to irregular astigmatism as seen in Keratoconus
2) The greatest degree of astigmatism that can be corrected is up to -5.00 dioptres.
Visual results from refractive surgery for astigmatism is generally excellent. Only requiring a second treatment (enhancement) with higher amounts of astigmatism at no cost to the patient within 1 year.
The degree and form of astigmatism is assessed at your initial clinic assessment. By using several instruments, including a corneal topographer. We use a Pentacam, which is the gold standard instrument for astigmatism measurements. The Pentacam has software which can detect the nature of your astigmatism and assess if corneal refractive surgery is an option for you.
All surgical procedures carry a small risk of complication, these are discussed in detail at the time of your consultation.
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