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Growing up with glasses

Attention all bespectacled delectables: I’ve decided to begin this post by saying growing up with glasses sucks. There. I’ve said it and there’s no taking it back now. The truth is – you’re tired.

You’re tired of the beady little eyes and seeing the sides of your head inside your face. You’re tired of the marks on your nose, the cramping of your style and the fogging of your lenses. And while we’re at it; masks suck too. There’s another nuisance we can all do without. You’re tired of the glassesless telling you that your glasses make you look smart. That’s just another way of saying you’re a pseudo-intellectual… “Thanks very much.”

You’re sick of being told you’re blind when someone tries your glasses on. Like you didn’t know that already, right?

And let’s face it, most of us aren’t supermodels – and most of us don’t look more snerdy with our glasses on.

But don’t despair! You’re not alone. Here’s a sample of what your fellow ladies and gentlemen who can relate to #GrowingUpWithGlasses…

You’ve all been there, right? Forget surfing or snowboarding – You’re no adrenaline junkie. Sometimes you just want to lie down! Won’t someone just move this face furniture out of your way?

What we are witnessing here is that photographic lighting is crucial. After she got these pics, I’m sure she felt all paparazzi, but judging from the aged look of this photo, she’s likely well over it.

These bikers finally have something worth arguing about. Don’t you just love the irony? Talk about the blind leading the blind.

“What’s that, barkeep? Do I hear a husky voice over yonder offering me another foursie? Are you talking to meeeee?”

This is now a proper work hazard on any lappy meet and greet. You’re not fooling anyone, dish licker, take those specs off.

If you’re not getting this one – which I’ll be honest took me longer than I’d like to admit – look above this bloke’s forehead for his fetching ray stoppers.

I feel ya, Buddy Holly. Nothing worse than trying to enjoy a cuppa when this happens.

I’m not being glassist, but this bloke only has himself to blame. Honestly, he should really be wearing contact lenses.

Next meme.

Now, this is a spexy look that haunts even the most fervent spectaphile. Does that big yellow ball in the sky have a habit of always showing up in your selfies too?

These are some truly inventive sheilas out there and this one has crafted this clever contraption to display her own expert-level brand of binoculared genius.

As should be as clear as a pair of smudgy Quays, growing up with glasses isn’t easy. And I’ll be honest, this has been really hard for me – curating the misfortunes of your fellow four-eyed unfortunates.

But this is my cross to bear and it’s a post worth making.
Because now I’d like you to join millions of smarties who decided enough is enough.
Why? Because growing up with glasses sucks. I know it. You know it. But we can all have a good laugh about it all the same, am I right?

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