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LASIK or SMILE? Which laser eye surgery treatment is better?

If someone’s suitable for both SMILE and LASIK, we always advocate that somebody go for SMILE surgery. The reason is that they both are excellent surgeries that give great results, and accurate results, just that SMILE has some advantages of LASIK.

Number one is that there’s no flap with SMILE surgery, which means that there’s less chance of having flap associated complications. And number two, there’s a less dry eye with SMILE as opposed to LASIK. Also, there’s about a 1 to 4% chance of requiring an enhancement after LASIK surgery. In our experience, that’s less than 1%. So, we’re very comfortable doing SMILE, we’re very confident with SMILE, and we know that the SMILE surgery will give you a great result. So, we always recommend that you have SMILE as opposed to LASIK, however, if you feel that you’d prefer to have LASIK that’s entirely your decision. We’re very comfortable doing LASIK because that is an excellent surgery as well.

If you want to see if you’re a good candidate to have eye laser surgery then we encourage you to take the self-test. It will take a few minutes of your time and give you a good idea if you can take the next step into getting better vision without glasses and contact lenses.

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Take this quick quiz to discover if you could escape the barrier of glasses and contact lenses

Not everyone can benefit from laser eye treatment – your options change depending on your eyes, age and lifestyle. Find out which type of treatment is right for you by taking this quick 2 min quiz:

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What our patients say…

“I’ve now got better than 2020 vision. No more glasses for me! I’m extremely pleased with the results.”
Ash Redward
“Dr. Anton and his team have been nothing short of amazing through my journey in achieving better than 20-20 vision. Thank you!”
Trish Toth
“Professional, thorough and gentle. Have been commending Dr Anton and the team to all my friends and family!”
Zac Puplett

“Lovely staff, great facilities, eye surgery went smoothly – definitely recommend!”

Kate Luscombe

We have replaced the images of real patients who provided these testimonials to protect their privacy.

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Based in Melbourne, but with a reputation that transcends borders, Dr Van Heerden sets the highest bar for laser vision correction surgery in Australia. While his skills and experience are second to none, it is his fun, caring and down to earth nature that truly set’s him apart from the rest. You can sit back and enjoy the journey knowing every detail has been carefully considered.